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Physical devices

I would like to thank everyone at Sunspeed who was involved in the Deutsche Bank CLO Project, which involved the relocation of approximately 1,500 devices. In particular we would like to thank Simon and the team for their hard work. All those involved from Deutsche Bank were impressed by the knowledge and professionalism they showed and the speed and care with which they handled the equipment. We are always impressed by the approach that Sunspeed takes to this type of work, and this project was no exception. The degree of enthusiasm, which we encountered during the project, was impressive to say the least, their willingness to assist and go beyond the standard terms of reference certainly made a clear statement of their work ethics.

Our Client

With operations in more than 70 countries around the world and employing over 78,000 people, Deutsche Bank is one of the leading names in global finance and investment. The Bank prides itself on the unparalleled service it offers its clients across the globe.

The Challenge

The Bank had a requirement to relocate approximately 1,500 devices from a single data centre to a set of new data centres as part of a global IT consolidation project named Compute Landscape Optimisation (CLO). It needed all devices moved, within a set window of opportunity, safely and securely to the new location in conjunction with standby coverage in case of network or hardware failure.

Sunspeed were selected for the project due to the proven service levels already experienced by Deutsche Bank in our dealings with one another. The Bank was also fully knowledgeable of the advanced security measures with regards to IT relocations that Sunspeed offered, and it was fully confident that the service necessary could be provided, along with backup support in case equipment needed to be moved back prior to market openings. Deutsche Bank was confident that Sunspeed could protect its equipment and its business from financial loss.

Sunspeed’s challenge was to provide the relocation in a way that was seamless for the Bank’s business. A number of variables had to be considered, including time differences, financial platforms, market operations, and so on.

The Solution

A plan was devised to pack, relocate, and unpack the equipment over three separate data centres on successive weekends from the late hours of Friday night through until early Saturday morning. A number of OEM mainframe server/storage racks had to be moved, including Oracle Exadata, EMC VNX/VMAX, and HP EVA, along with de-racking and re-racking of the individual servers, which included over 50 fully populated HP blade chassis.

Sunspeed worked with the Deutsche Bank ITF team to de-rack and re-rack the equipment across all sites as planned. All equipment was packed in anti-static flight cases, moved according to routine standards of security and safety, and re-installed in the appropriate racks.

At the start of each week, a project pack was received detailing the equipment to be moved on the coming weekend. Daily business requirements and client commitments meant that equipment levels changed regularly, right up to the actual move day. Sunspeed had to remain flexible throughout in order to see the job through to completion.

The Benefits

By working with Sunspeed, Deutsche Bank was able to get all of its equipment relocated without having to worry about hardware integrity or data security. This enabled it to continue about its business with the knowledge that a seamless transition would be taking place on the weekends, without any loss to business services.

Furthermore, Sunspeed was able to offer the Bank a complete migration solution over consecutive weekends, taking into consideration the risks involved with multiple financial platforms. The relocation was completed across 18 months.

The Verdict

Sunspeed are proud to report that all relocations were successfully completed without any problems. Moreover, while standby was provided for each relocation, the bank never encountered any network or hardware issues requiring a rollback. The project was also completed on schedule resulting in no breach of lease penalties from the source data centre.

Sunspeed’s work for Deutsche Bank is yet another example of its ability to provide safe and secure IT Migration Solutions to the world’s biggest and most important companies. Had Sunspeed failed in the Deutsche Bank project, it could very possibly have resulted in very serious implications to the global financial sector.

Understanding the seriousness of this work, the project was undertaken with the knowledge that our actions could affect global financial services. Sunspeed’s dedicated team of professionals worked hand-in-hand with the Deutsche Bank ITF team to successfully complete this unprecedented project.

As a result of the coordination between Sunspeed and itself, the Bank is now enjoying the benefits of its two new data centres. Its worldwide clients continue to have access to first-class financial services and the detailed customer service Deutsche Bank is known for. Sunspeed continue to have a strong relationship with the Bank and look forward to assisting them on similar projects in the future.