Case Study

Data Centre Relocation: Didcot to Farnborough

Project Overview

Sunspeed were engaged by a public sector organisation to support their Data Centre Relocation from Didcot to a Data Centre in Farnborough. The client required the safe and secure relocation of 74 physical devices of business critical infrastructure. 

Spotlight: Enhanced Infrastructure Design

Sunspeed were responsible for the delivery site rack plan, patching schedule and structured cabling design. Having Sunspeed complete the in-rack design work alongside the structured cabling design ensured a smooth and efficient design process. 

Using different teams/suppliers for the rack elevations, patching schedules and infrastructure cabling design introduces the risk of either over or under specifying for capacity and expansion. This can potentially cause unnecessary congestion to both cable pathways and rack entry points, resulting in the need to use unconventional workarounds in the future that are not inline with industry best practice or data centre standards.

This can potentially have an adverse effect on standards, performance and ongoing activities within the environment. It is also possible to over-specify your structured cabling capacity – potentially leading to wasted spend and increased complexity around future fault finding and issue rectification. 


“I just want to reiterate how impressed we were with the work Sunspeed undertook as part of our IT relocation; it was nothing short of exceptional”


The Result

The relocation itself was executed with precision, employing a secure de/re rack basis to safeguard the integrity of the equipment. Post-relocation, dedicated migration support was provided to meticulously connect and dress all cables, ensuring a seamless transition and operational continuity.

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