At Sunspeed we take the time to understand your exact needs and requirements to deliver critical and complex specialist IT moves with the utmost professionalism and the highest standard of quality. Our tried and tested process-driven approach means we are chosen time and time again by leading organisations to deliver critical IT projects.

Previous Specialist IT Moves

Since business began, we have carried out complex IT moves and server relocation projects on a wide scale. Whether these moves are an international process, or companies relocating to a local area, we manage and prepare all our resources to ensure, no matter the size or scale of the operation, everything runs smoothly and efficiently. We are trusted by organisations of all sizes to deliver specialist IT moves, providing a professional, dependable, safe and secure service.

For example, we assisted in the past with the movement of the Data Centre for one of the UKs leading Universities to a site in London that included the relocation and reconnection of 64 devices over a single migration.

Whether you’re in the public sector or private sector, whatever the size of your business, our care and attention to detail is always the same. Let us help you get started today with your specialist IT moves by either filling out the provided contact form available online or by giving a member of our team a ring on the number: +44 (0) 1252 377 027