Are you thinking of relocating your office? Don’t be overwhelmed prospect of moving your IT across to your new location. Our workplace IT relocation services will make your shift as easy as possible.

Reduce Downtime: We recognise that every minute of downtime costs your company money. Our service guarantees that your IT systems are efficiently disconnected, transferred, and rejoined at your new site, minimising downtime and ensuring your team can get back to work as soon as possible.

Bespoke Relocations: No two organisations are alike, and neither are their IT requirements. Our dedicated project management team can support you in delivering your plans for your new location. We provide an on-site supervisor, ensuring you have a strong link between your designs and our team.

End-to-End service: Before you move, we can support your planning by conducting an audit of your current equipment. We can also assist in dilapidating your current environment, and disposing of any redundant equipment. We provide post-relocation support to guarantee that your IT systems are up and operating efficiently, allowing you to effortlessly transition into your new workplace. Once at your new site, we can support you in deploying any new equipment and integrating it with your network.  

Office relocation does not have to be a nightmare for your IT staff. Contact us to discuss your workplace IT relocation requirements, and let us take the worry out of the process. With our experience and attention, you can concentrate on what is most important to you. 

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