Server Relocation

Whether you are looking to move a single device or have the requirement to manage an entire Data Centre migration, you can trust Sunspeed to provide you with the expert assistance you need.

With over 30 years of industry experience and some of the world’s most complex migration projects under our belts, we will provide you with a reliable, flexible, and highly-secure service, designed to mitigate risk and minismise disruption. 


Sunspeed services the whole of the UK and Europe on a dedicated basis and has a trusted partner network in place to facilitate international relocations, including international shipments. Whether you need to securely relocate your IT assets between locations in the UK, manage a total migration solution between Paris and Frankfurt or have an international consolidation project to manage. Sunspeed is here to help. 

Sunspeed’s relocation service is enhanced by complete de and re racking solutions, meaning the equipment can be loaded and unloaded straight into/from our custom designed flight cases - mitigating risk by eliminating contact points from the relocation process. Our skilled technical relocation engineers are able to work across a multitude of hardware platforms including server, storage and network equipment. 

Project Management 

Oftentimes a phsysical migration provides a good opportunity to run technical refresh activities. This may involve retiring legacy equipment, introducing new hardware or an environment reconfigration to improve efficiency. By analysing the technical data and project objectives, and then combining this with any real-world constraints, Sunspeed is able to fully design optimised delivery rack plans and patching schedules, along with an effective migration plan which takes into account everything from route planning to ensuring priority equipment is relocated quickly using dedicated teams and vehicles. 

Technical Services 

When Sunspeed's relocation service is combined with our technical services, it creates a highly bespoke end-to-end migration solution, that works to minimise risk and maximise efficiency. In the event that the client doesn't have the necessary data required to underpin a migration project, Sunspeed can undertake an initial hardware and infrastructure discovery audit.

Sunspeed can also manage all the cabling requirements to support the relocation. For large and/or critical migrations, the reccommended approach is to deliver a pre-patch cabling solution ahead of time, which allows any issues to be resolved before they become problematic during a migration.