Data Centre Migration

A Fully Managed End-To-End Migration Solution

A Total Migration Solution

Information, delivery and cost efficiencies can be gained by engaging a single supplier to plan and execute a full end-to-end IT migration. Sunspeed's technical and relocation services can be combined to create a highly bespoke end-to-end migration solution, that works to minimise risk and maximise efficiency.

Minimising Risk & Maximising Efficiency

Often during mission-critical IT migrations, down-time is a key consideration and reducing the time taken to physically migrate an IT environment is extremely important. Our approach to reducing risk is to do as much of the work up-front as possible. This means that it can often make sense to pre-patch a delivery environment well ahead of a migration; Not only allowing us and the client to troubleshoot any issues before they become problematic during a migration, but it also means once the devices have been installed post migration, the cable infrastructure can be quickly dressed and connected, giving the clients technical team as long as possible to get the devices back on the network and operational before the down-time window expires. 

If the client doesn't have the richness of information to underpin such a task, Sunspeed can undertake an initial discovery audit to fully understand the collection environment before using this data, combined with any technical refresh objectives as well as site constraints, to fully design optimised delivery rack plans and patching schedules, along with an effective migration plan which takes into account everything from route planning to ensuring priority equipment is relocated quickly using dedicated teams and vehicles. Once all the equipment has been relocated and connected, Sunspeed are able to remain on-site to provide technical support until the environment is operational.