Data Centre Cabling

Quality cable management is vital in creating a successful working environment.

We recognise the importance of high quality equipment cabling and cable management within a Data Centre, and understand the value it has within the operational management of the environment.

Minimising Risk

We supply and install power, fibre and data cables in readiness for a server migration and any technical refresh activities. The service is particularly in demand for Data Centre migrations where there are tight migration windows to observe and efficiency is of critical importance. Utilising Sunspeed to manage the relocation and the cabling reduces risk and maximises efficiency - information, delivery and cost efficiencies can be gained by engaging a single supplier to plan and execute these two critical activities. 

Maximising Efficiency 

Often during critical IT migrations, down-time is a key consideration and reducing the time taken to physically migrate an IT environment is extremely important. Our approach to reducing risk is to do as much of the work up-front as possible. 
Sunspeed uses a variety of methods to minimise downtime; From large scale pre-printing of serialised and descriptive labels and small scale temporary bespoke labelling, to delivering a full pre-patch solution within the delivery racks ahead of a migration - Not only allowing us and the client to troubleshoot any issues before they become problematic during a migration, but it also means once the devices have been installed post migration, the cable infrastructure can be quickly connected, giving the clients technical team as long as possible to get the devices back on the network and operational before the down-time window expires.