Data Centre Infrastructure Networking Event

Sunspeed are pleased to announce that we are sponsoring the Data Centre Me ‘Infrastructure’ Event on the 23rd April in central London.

The event itself will run between 5-9pm and entertain approximately 150-170 data centre professionals. It is a great chance to informally network with people from across the Data Centre industry, and we are looking forward to a good evening - the food isn’t bad either!

This year we are making a concerted effort like never before to push the Sunspeed brand and raise the company’s profile within the industry. Strong relationships with a number of the world’s largest organisations have helped Sunspeed to operate successfully for almost three decades, and as a result, marketing hasn’t needed to have been a top priority. In 2015, continued growth in the ‘Data Centre industry’ has fuelled a rise in the number of companies entering the Data Centre relocation business, and has also encouraged IT support companies to extend their capabilities to include the service. Make sure to read our ‘Things to Consider’ article, so that you don’t get stung when selecting a server relocation partner.

Now more than ever it is important to make the market aware of Sunspeed and our services. During our time we have developed one of the most secure and reliable physical relocation solutions in the market, and it’s about time everyone knew about it.

If you would like to attend the event so that you can meet Sunspeed and other Data Centre industry sponsors and professionals, please sign up at http://www.datacentre.me/